March 01, 2012

Over A Month

As I should have expected, It's been more than a month, and I haven't really met my deadline. Remember my Second Post? I should probably have said what I was thinking, which is 3 months. Which from now should mean one more month, but now I'm thinking March is a special month for me, I may not get much done. If I had perhaps more funding and didn't have to hussle so much to get cash together I could focus more on the work and actually get it done anytime soon. I guess we'll just see.

like the pic? I was thinking about making it a permanent part of the site


  1. I didn't get the pic at first but then I realised it said BIOTOXIN so hey go nuts.

  2. Looks pretty good, maybe you could put it up as the header.

  3. This is a really interesting blog.

  4. This is a little bit hard to read, or is it just me? I would make the letters bigger.