March 12, 2012

Subtle Changes

It's the small things that count, the minor details
However I won't be discussing any of that today
instead I'm going to tell you to pay very close attention to the blog and my twitter over the next week as I'm putting in a secret on the site and the first few to discover the secret will get a prize
I'm not beyond being tricky about how I hint it to you as you may need to translate some of my twitter to learn something or pay attention to the background, drag the mouse around the screen looking for a hidden link area, or read into what I'm saying on the blog to find a hidden message in the blog posts

The secret is not up on march 12th or 13th but it'll more than likely be up by the 14th and I've already given out 2 clues, as to what it will be, once it's up I'll post another 8 clues before the end of the month, if nobody has found it by then I'll come right out an tell you. One clue is in one of my older blog posts, I've gone back and hidden a message which means if you've been paying attention this may be easy for you. The other clue is hidden in the last 24 hours of my twitter feed.

Let THE GAMEs begin.


  1. Gah! I always accept these challenges and regret it afterwards, like those browser based games where you level by unlocking new URL:s. Anyways, I'm getting closer to you! :-D

  2. ooo cool idea - need to follow you on twitter now :)

  3. Haha this is pretty interesting.