March 23, 2012

Update 3/23/12

I waited by the mailbox for a letter that never came. Truly the first and only time I've ever waited for the mail, mostly because I know when it comes but all the same. So I was expecting my confirmation letter today and instead I got a bill and an awkward look. So hopefully tomorrow will bring better news so I may comfortably share my art with you knowing that if any of you try to steal from me I have something to work with. Not that you'd be so cruel I've just learned to be safe rather than sorry, unfortunately the very hard way.

With that in mind I spent the rest of the day wondering what to replace today's post with since it won't be containing a bunch of concept art. All that I've done this last few days is work on these new characters I had in mind, and a tiny bit of art to start fleshing them out as potential ideas go. So there's not much that I can add there other than both characters are women.

This lead me to the idea that I heard people complaining recently about a lack of strong female lead characters. To which I reply that I do indeed have strong female characters I would suggest. Then again who am I to judge what a strong female character is? My characters remain feminine without being bimbos or sluts which I would think is a good start, though one may be a bit provocative. The other is quite literally insane but not in a bad way and even though insane is not any worse off than kai from heavenly sword which was only a little quirky. I don't demonize their sexuality which may or may not cause unforeseen problems though I'd like to think they come out fairly normal all things considered. They've managed to survive the apocalypse every day since it started in one way or another which is far less than many others can say, and even still they fight where others cower in fear and ignorance. They are intelligent and resourceful making them very capable soldiers in this barely functioning militia. They carry more significant roles for a longer period of the game than any other main characters, aside from potentially the player depending on perspective. One is a medic, if she were not I doubt you'd love her as much, and is it so wrong to take advantage of a stereotype? Would you rather your medic be a man for some reason? The other is an expert sniper relying on her skill rather than technology to calculate her shots. Again, would it be so hard for you to accept this idea? How would it change the game if it were a man? Is there a reason that a strong woman can't still by physically appealing, merely being beautiful makes you weak?

I dare to try, even if I meet failure in my efforts I can say I did better than most. How would you define a strong woman? More importantly would you say from my short description that the women I have portrayed are strong?


  1. I'd love a male medic. For most games it seems like the bigger the boobs, the stronger the woman. Just look at Lara Croft.

    1. Big boobs attract the (young) players. For the money, not to emphasize the strength of character xD

  2. interesting dilema...the whole medic/nurse thing on one hand might seem to feed a stereotype, but then I'd not really click with a male medic. Go with what feels right...