March 10, 2012


Keeping things in a certain order always helps things run smoothly. If everything is part of an understandable system then finding anything in that system is usually quick and easy. This holds extremely true when it comes to computer files and more specifically game code / scripts.

First some backstory on my OCD. My wallet is organized such that upon opening it you have photo ID readily available. Behind that are other photo ID's. Second stage of opening my wallet has all my important medical information which is likely why anyone else would be opening my wallet for honest reasons. Then once fully open you have my memberships and club cards. My medical info is overlapped on the payment options, while the physical money is kept separate up top behind everything. This system is extremely easy to immediately recognize to anybody opening my wallet. You open and like oh now I know everything I need to know about you. My keys are separated on rings by distance from my house in use. So first ring is keys for inside the house and the house itself. Next is the garage and car keys on a separate ring, and finally work and bank keys on the furthest ring. By bank keys I mean deposit boxes but w/e. The idea is that I can easily reach on my chain and know where the key I'm looking for is located without hassle, which is almost as effective if not more so than engraving the keys, which I did myself anyway. At most peoples first glance you wouldn't think I'm anywhere near as organized as I am, but once you start to notice you can't help but think I go overboard.

My system for organizing files on the computer is by primary and secondary categories for starters. I then subdivide into more specific categories and within those I organize by most efficient method of use. If for example I generally would access the files in order or sequence such as picture 1, picture 2 then I go alphabetically. Though if for example I'm generally going to access the files according to most recent then I go chronologically. I would love to organize my pictures by color every once in a while but it's not a big enough deal that I've seriously bothered to look up a way to do that. In the case of game related files I generally have them all alphabetically by type to quickly find what I'm looking for because chronologically I may not remember when I worked on something previously which could then organize them in a way I have a hard time finding what I'm looking for. Considering they're all the same file type for now I type in the category first in the file name then the rest of the specific name. So for example I'm looking for my HUD, I'd go to Interface_Hud, or if I'm looking for my inputs it's again an interface related type. The same goes for weapons, cameras, animations, etc. With non related game files it's not unusual for me to sort by just file type and size but usually that's just for organizing purposes for main categories, and because most files don't really support tags I use a different program that I can manually input tags for and I use that to sort for more specific files when I need to. Though it's mostly used for just pictures it still helps a lot when I need it.

What this is all really leading to is coding practices in which while making your code you have the forethought to organize while making it to help you when you inevitably have to get back to it to change it some how. When making your code be sure to comment a lot and indent to keep segments of the idea grouped so that the entire thing is easy to understand and follow. It's nice when you're in the old code and are looking for something specific to be able to just jump right to it.

update: I don't know why the "schedule" exists if it won't post content on schedule, this was meant to autopublish on the 7th so I wouldn't be gone for so long. Times like these I miss tumblr... so while I'm not in the habbit of apologizing, I do feel as though I owe you something, I'll give you some bare essentials code in a couple days so you can make your own top down shooter.


  1. Bro I can understand you on the whole OCD thing, although I I may not be as overboard as you IMO. Take my videos for example. I always arrange them in order of the website that I got them from, then the genre, author, file type then the video itself. Similar thing goes with my school documents; school, subject, teacher, file type and the document itself.

    TBH I could go on with this OCD thing but I'm not that kinda guy ;P.

    So I suppose OCD also helps when coding, but doesn't that add more stress?

  2. I think OCD actually helps in terms of programming, it makes you keep track of things and make everything consistent.

  3. I usually let things get pretty messy then spend a ton of time cleaning up

  4. I don't have any organization in real life, but I'm really strict when it comes to coding. I have a top-down coding order, and proper commenting and indenting to separate methods and variables and everything. The end product definitely looks nice.

  5. Oh lord... Organizing.. I've planned that for years now. Haha. Still haven't applied it fully to my life style.

  6. I need to organize my computer desktop

  7. I love organizing. Can't have it messy around me.