March 14, 2012

The Secret Is...

So the secret is now active first come first serve, please don't reveal it to others if you find it. For today I also took the liberty of finding a sound fx generator for you aspiring devs that have no hope of making awesome fx on your own but want something, anything, which is better than nothing which would be silence in this case.

This will help you get ready for the step up to FL Studio which is where I tend to make my musical magic happen. Don't kid yourself, sound fx are just as musical as any composition they're just much shorter and arguably more important.

My birthday is St. Patricks day, so I may not post on my philosophy blog unless it's early morning or late night of 16th. Time for green beer and heavy celtic metal because it's also metal march, if only it could've been metal march monday then we'd be in good shape. I might be in chicago, I might not, my plans are constantly changing. What I do know is I made plenty of green skittle vodka, and found a very rare bottle of green irish whiskey that I'll skip details on for now but it's not green because of food coloring I'll say that much. I've also got a few bottles of green dragon (marijuana tincture), green fairy (absinthe), and various other awesome green-ness. It's going to be a hoot.


  1. sfxr is awesome! Can't even count the number of times I used it.

  2. hahaha advance happy beer day lol

  3. Happy birthday for the weekend!!!

  4. Happy birthday. I'll get smashed in your honour today

  5. most be an odd day for a birthday, happy belated birthday