March 18, 2012

Decision Making and Knowing Your Limits

I had this great idea for the mini game to be able to pause the game slightly and allow you to draw on screen where you wanted to cast a spell or otherwise draw on screen for something. this isn't necessarily beyond my sKills but it wOuld take everything i kNow And Most Importantly a lot of time, much more than I'm willing to put in at this point for what's supposed to be a mini game. Though I may add a new state to the scrolling at which you then get a targeting circle that focuses on a specific area or target but that would likely be all.

One of the most important skills to have as a developer is knowing what you can and can't do and how quickly you can do what you can. Don't take on more than you can handle or you'll suffer greatly for it.
Before you freak out I am working on a target lock that I think you'll like. That's essentially the highlight of the week, I've been busy with other things and modest amount of partying that I only do a couple times a year. I should be receiving confirmation papers soon and once I do I'm dumping concept art on my deviant art profile so you can get a real feel for what the world will / does look like.

I've been thinking more on significantly branching storylines on the main game. Often a non-linear story works in bubbles, a few select events that focus in and a bunch of options that lead to nothing because you're pulled back to the same events and intersections. I'm working on the idea of wildly branching so that you don't come anywhere near the same ending though right now you kinda do. So if I were to do this I'd likely stick with what I have and just open up a few extra paths. All just thoughts for now though, we'll see what comes of them.

Don't forget the secret is still hidden, or at least if someone's found it they've ignored it. Also, I'm nearly being abrasive or out in the open with the hints, it's about as subtle as a fireworks display. I'll give you a couple days before I just spell it out for you.


  1. having been out of it for most of the weekend I'm going to sit down and try and word the secret out...

  2. It's always good to keep a schedule, and knowing that you can accomplish a task before the deadline.

  3. Hope the game will be nice, and yes knowing your limits is important not only as a developer.