These are the open positions I have available and looking to fill.

Script Writer

Programmer- all kinds
Knowledge of unreal script necessary.

Voice actors
Male and Female all vocal ranges
Lead roles must be able to perform accents, including but not limited to Russian, Irish, German, French, and Australian.
Must either have access to decent recording equipment or be able to travel for recording sessions.
Sessions may be near you at various recording studios.

Particle effects artist
muzzle flash, fire, explosions etc. Must be in 3d max.

All positions are listed in order of desire.
if you're interested in offering your services leave me a message to contact you by.


  1. Damn, could do the Australian one easy but for the others, not so much. I don't have access to good recording equipment either so big strike there :(

    Good luck anyway man!

  2. I've written quite a few scripts before, but nothing on a large scale. Short little plays for school and what not. Taking a shot at a video game script would be different and possibly fun.I have a friend who is also a writer with a little bit of programming experience. I can talk to him and see how far along he's come in school. Maybe he can help program for you in you're interested and possibly we can both help you with some writing. Let me know if you're interested.

    -pope of juba