January 11, 2012

Army of One

It's important early on to not only have clear focus but clear perspective. Most games are not done by the so called "One Man Army". While in this case my early game /s will likely be just me, in order to grow I'll have to establish a reliable team of skilled people. The reason I don't say professionals is that generally refers to experience, that's not necessarily such a great thing in the face of fresh and upcoming titles. Seasoned vets of this industry have become locked into a certain way of doing things and are less likely to take risks. I'm not afraid of a setback or failure if it was outside the box.

Advice aside I'm also establishing this as an open call to anybody with skills willing to work for free or consignment, or otherwise no money up front. I've already got groundwork for a topdown shooter that should take me about a month to finish by myself (I'm already about a month and a half in so I'm fairly sure that's not an unreasonable timeframe). Right now I've been using UDK but that might change with the next game. Before dismissing it I'd like to point out I'm not using it exclusively and that I don't develop assets in it.

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