February 04, 2013

Where I've been

I disappear for a week and look what happens. It's not like I was that out of touch and yet I come back and I found out my friends all held a dinner in my honor on the assumption I was dead. A habitual liar we all know not to trust what he says told everyone he ran into my sister who told him that I was dead among many other things and nobody bothered to confirm. I had cell phone reception in Australia would it hurt for someone to call?

Why was I in aussie land? well normally I go visit some old friends in the summer, however one of them called me and said they really needed me, being the guy I am I grabbed my travel bag which is always ready for such an occasion and I got on the first flight out. Turns out he really did need me and I'm glad he called, if he didn't it'd be a world of hurt for him I'm sure it was a massive shit storm I'd rather not go on about today. I was rather busy which is why I didn't take the time to write a blog about it, but I'm back now and sharing again.

It really was a surprise to my friends when I came over, surprise! I'm not dead! I really am disappointed nobody called to at least hear my voicemail... I am happy none of them tried to raid my house though and scavenge my property. It's not like I was even gone that long really.

On a more serious and much less funny note I would like to say airport security is still as annoying as ever. This whole "americans are the new terrorist" thing is bullshit. How the hell did things shift stereotype to being so lax on the traditional stereotype and screening every white face that goes through? It's not like they're any good at stopping any serious threats anyway if someone really wanted to get through they would. With enough thought you can probably get almost any kind of weapon through and that's no joke. I also still haven't forgotten about that pedophile nonsense a short while back. Convicted pedo's patting down kids, how can the system honestly allow this kind of nonsense?

On the only positive note to today's post I did make it back for the superbowl. I don't watch football often but I must say this one was definitely worth watching. Almost a new record for longest return instead only matching previous, this rookie quarterback, and that almost great comeback from SF I was so disappointed when they failed. Don't you just know someone got fired over that power outage though, man this isn't russia that shit doesn't happen here. I also laughed it up a bit when they were finishing out the game with "the final countdown" and was surprised to hear gangnam style, not to mention that ridiculous commercial feat. psy.

Before I left I managed to catch the recent batch of new movies, movie 43 wasn't that great but had a couple moments, I wouldn't recommend it though. Hansel and gretel was a great way to waste an hour I would suggest it if you're bored, and parker felt like it was a lot longer than 2 hours even though it kept up a good pace and I would definitely suggest checking it out sometime especially if you're a jason statham fan. I also watched silver linings playbook and that was nice, more of a couples movie really, I was surprised to see julia stiles in it but it was a pleasant surprise, bradley cooper was fairly convincing but I don't see him winning any awards unlike les miserables which I fully expect to take home a few awards, though if the awards already came and went and I missed them then w/e it's not like I watch them anyway they're usually BS anyway. I tend to just get recaps from friends that do watch and I almost never agree with the results. Now all I have left to see in my immediate future is great gatsby which I fully expect to be worth my time.

Final note is I was recently introduced to cryptex which is from as far as I can tell a dubstep artist, feel free to argue the exact w/e he plays, I happen to like it anyway and would recommend it to anyone that likes pendulum or glitch mob.

On my next post I'll be discussing what makes a good story.

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