February 22, 2013

Bang Your Head

It's friday and even so I'm not sure I'll survive the week at the rate I've been going. Ignoring the fact I haven't really slept since tuesday I find myself surrounded by idiots and it's driving me insane. I'll get back to them in a second. Aside from my regular game work I happen to be playing with a friends tablet and it's like it's mocking me. I don't ask for much but try getting flash to work on an android tablet requires a deal with the devil signed in blood. I'm normally the go to tech guy and yet this garbage I've been dealing with even when I upgrade it from 2.1 to 2.2 (froyo right?) after having also tried cupcake, eclair, and jellybean and none of which playing nice either I simply am on the verge of giving up and forcing ubuntu on it. I won't backtalk google too much here but they should honestly allow direct downloading of apk's on pc's without the hassle. Once I finally got flash up and effectively running I couldn't get any other browser on there for some stupid reason it just wouldn't install no matter the version. Including xscope, skyfire, firefox, etc. I'll play with it some more tomorrow and if I don't figure something out by then, then my friend will simply have to forgo the android marketplace / google play and deal with the ubuntu repositories which for what he wants isn't that bad.

Moving onward and back to the people I find myself in company with. I ended up listening to nearly an hour long argument over classic movies and actors in just the most repetitive way. It was a verbatim circle of dialog on the same points and neither really knew what they were trying to say much less how to say it. Eventually I chimed in that I got what they were trying to say which is that back in the day it was more about the actor than the character they played and thus it was things like "james dean in" rather than "james dean as" it was about scenario and context rather than character building. The counter to that was basically that said actors like james dean had more talent regardless of the fact they upheld a given persona across all films. For example with bruce willis being a bald cop in probably half of all of his movies you could say the specific characters he played didn't really matter so much as it was basically him selling the movie rather than the story selling the movie in some cases. Somehow the argument was basically that this means they were a better actor and that movies have now improved beyond that where as you can see from my bruce willis example not included in the argument that this isn't entirely the case. The one side was basically hearing "he looks the same all the time" and interpreted it as "he never changes his look, you can always tell it's him, there's no costume" or something similar and went on a tangent about how robert deniro always looks the same, or mark wahlburg, etc. The other party basically heard "the superstars of black and white movies were the best actors of all time and it's impossible for anything to ever be better" and interpreted it as "actors these days couldn't act their way out of a paper bag and don't qualify to be superstars because they're too flexible in their roles, they have no conviction". Honestly listening to them drone on I couldn't take it anymore.

Then there's a nice little party I had yesterday that I thought was going damn well until it started to wind down. During the party we'd made a BaconBlivion Cake, the kind of thing that Epic Meal Time has wet dreams about. Basically you take a bacon weave and you stuff it down in a bread pan, you take some pork loin wrap it in bacon and deep fry it, then top it with more bacon, then a layer of pulled pork, we happened to go with buffalo wild wings honey bbq sauce on the pulled pork, another bacon weave, candy bacon, and a glaze, and bake it all some more. I think there was more to it at the time but it's a little fuzzy right now. One of my buddies went a step further and made a bacon weave cup, a 3rd dimension next level bacon weave tactic, and deep fried it to the point he actually could hold liquids and drink from it without it leaking. Anyway while we're enjoying this awesome creation of ours someone mentions flawless victory and at the time I thought we were all gamers here, so everyone would get it right? Apparently not and so the one other guy who I didn't really know that well but he's a friend of a friend and we'd played some games together before, he asks what skrillex has to do with anything. The dead silence in that moment should've been a clear give away he didn't understand what he'd just said. he then proceeds, instead of admitting his mistake and lack of understanding, to defend his position that "flawless victory" is from a skrillex song, which while I will admit it was used in that "reptile" dubstep mix he did or even if you want to go so far as to call it a song, it's not the source, we all tried to explain to him how reptile was a mortal kombat character and how "flawless victory" was from the game when you won without taking any damage. Which btw if you noobz out there didn't know is how you unlock reptile, by beating I think 10 or so matches with flawless victories until you see the sleigh over the moon and complete the additional challenge, you then fight reptile. Youtube it if you don't believe me it's serious business. We all then proceeded to school him on mortal kombat by breaking out the old genesis I had in the closet and firing it up. This however was not before my brain tried to reject the reality it now found itself in by violently bashing my head into a table.

For the future record of anyone reading this, if you realize you made a mistake, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT! try to defend it, or yourself, you will fail, miserably.

This is only the end of a long week of significantly more severe stupidity. This honestly was the easiest nonsense I had to deal with this weak. In the realm of business I had several just vicious circles in which you can't get in without already being in basically and once you're in you realize you're in the wrong place entirely. Which wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take so damn long to get in to begin with. It would be nice to have some kind of warning sign or a list of faq's to read ahead of time. On top of which people I get the distinct feeling are trying to dodge me as they keep postponing or delaying or just missing appointments. In a few cases I do have the power to issue an ultimatum because I don't have to put up with their nonsense, I don't need them that much, but in other cases I just have to have the patience because they don't need me in the slightest and I need at least one of them which only gives me the power to tell them I could go to someone else which doesn't always work out so well.

Then sometimes when I'm dealing with these people it's obviously not clicking with them, either they don't get it or they're clearly not the kind of people I want to deal with. On the upside I do have one prospective investor that is willing to put up 50k if I can raise 100k elsewhere. It's not the greatest deal ever but it's a damn site better than anything else I've dealt with this week.

Last note of todays post being that I refined more of the skill progression system and did some slight balancing, on both games. I also fixed a game crashing bug on the auto allocation system in the top down shooter and finally added that graphical visualization I always promised.

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