February 25, 2013

PSNews a few days late and a dollar short.

I neglected to mention the playstation meeting. Most likely due to the fact it was highly underwhelming / disappointing. It was relieving to finally have hard facts confirmed and a nice look at everything but honestly nothing came as a surprise and it just didn't have the real flare I'd hoped it would. It certainly didn't push me towards actually reserving one or being a launch buyer. I am happy the price is lower than the expected 500$ mark but honestly I'd be happier still if it were closer to 300$ to which I end up practically slapping myself when I consider the actual hardware and what it would cost to make an equivalent pc. However I also turn right around when I realize that I effectively could build such a system with parts already on the market and that brings me pause given that I expect console hardware to exceed all PC hardware at launch and stay that way for at least 3 months at face value. Which is to say I expected ps4 final details to be closer to double what they are. I will take the moment to remind you however that console games have direct level hardware access which means ps4 games will look substantially better than pc games for quite a few years at least.

I look forward to seeing more about the ps4 and launch titles, revisions among other things. I really am still hoping they finally make the controller ever so slightly larger or at least make the handles longer because honestly my large hands haven't felt comfortable holding a playstation controller since I was a teen. Granted I've grown accustomed to it over the years but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate those after market controllers mad catz used to make with the long handles and turbo functions with rubber grips... I still have mine actually although it's falling apart now. That's one thing I've always appreciated about xbox is simply the controller felt beyond comfortable and it's like a natural extension of myself it's just so right. That's not to say I don't like everything else about the controller or have any other real issues I just hope it's finally a little more comfortable.

I had a group of around 20 or so friends in the nearby area come over for a viewing party at the time and that's when it kind of sunk in that I have more of a social life than I realized and I was strangely hyped about the social integration announcements they had but it faded quickly after I realized how little I actually would use it. I still appreciate it being there, and it will get used it'll just take me a while on the uptake of getting in the habit.

Then there is this loyalist code for 10$ on psn that's been going around. Sadly I didn't get one but several of my friends at the party did and we had a long debate on how they were determining "loyalty". We established it wasn't money, didn't have to do with playstation plus, or the network downtime, or a large number of other things. In the end we didn't actually decide on anything our best guess was that it simply was random or was based somehow on the number of games played and hours or potentially which specific games were played and when. I'm still debating the idea but it would be nice to have an official post somewhere to reference.

I'm also planning out an elaborate easter hunt this year in which all the eggs contain gold coins and inviting basically every gamer I know to come join in. Though obviously that's a ways down the road the idea came from when one of my friends stumbled across the strange fact I had a few gold coins in drawers and pots around my house. Though obviously the question is how did he just happen across this, and why the hell did I do that in the first place, but all the same it gave me an idea so I'm running with it.

Last but not least is that I finally realized why G4 is changing so much and it isn't much of a surprise. I've been aware of the NBC buyout for a long time but I only recently became aware of the fact they have an entire "rebranding" plan in the works to turn it from, and I quote, "from geek to chic" *gag*. Honestly I've been a huge fan for a very long time, enough that I still remember sarah lane as an AOTS host and the other tech tv show she co-hosted. I remember cinematech and nocturnal emissions and all of the great programming they had before the infinite reruns of cops. I remember some of the early ninja warrior runs and when it was first announced. I remember shows like cheat instead of cheaters, filter, and the different game competitions a young kevin narrated on that show he helped make. I won't make it out that G4 was ever really this shining tower of golden genius for gamers and geeks to worship, but it was one of the only networks you could confidently watch and be proud that you were a gamer. I feel that just slipping away now. Given this final violent push I've officially canceled my TV subscription as literally the only reason I had it was for g4 as I got all my other tv needs from the net already and the same for the news, now if I ever really just feel like watching g4 I'll find another way. There's all kinds of programs out there for watching live tv without subscriptions and places like justin.tv were people are streaming their tv anyway I'll just grab it there. Not of course to mention the official podcasts or site.

Scratch that other last but not least nonsense that was far too depressing an ending and I prefer to end things on a happy note. Too bad I can't think of one, so a question, which video game character would you marry if you could?

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  1. Not too impressed by the PS4 reveal as well. And I wouldn't marry any video game character, that's not a healthy way to think. :P