February 13, 2013

Mini Update

Completely unrelated to games today. A few days ago I learned Anette left nightwish and her 3rd child was due in march. They've been using Floor Jensen I guess for most of 2012 and somehow that just completely slipped under my radar until now. I side stepped the whole throwdown of who was the better singer between Anette and Tarja because honestly I loved them both. Anette pretty much knew better than to try and sing Tarja's opera based songs and had some great hits and really the band I was comfortable with still listening while Tarja went off on her own career. I happen to also be an After Forever fan so I'm familiar with Floor already and I've seen what she's doing in the band to which I must remark I hope to hell she finds her groove soon because she's doing it wrong. If she's going to be staying on long term she's going to have to respect Tarja's songs a little better and find her own groove in the band or it won't matter how much I like her other work I'll have no choice but to stop listening to a band I've liked for probably over a decade now.

The question may come, well how did I find out about all of this? Simply put I found out about Imaginaerum wine from a fellow nightwish fan and simply wanted to order some for myself out of curiosity. I am of course now eagerly awaiting the entire crate I ordered of 20 bottles.... I went a little overboard I know but it was basically the only way I could get it at all. At least I'll have plenty to share and a little to store long term see how it ages after 30 years or so....

Any nightwish fans reading this? Tell me your thoughts on the possibility of Floor coming on long term and how she's done so far. Feel free to duke out who you think is the best singer, I don't like comparing Tarja's perfect opera voice to Anette's pop but even so given the nature of the band I will always love and remember Tarja but honestly at this point I wouldn't change a thing.

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