December 05, 2012

Publish? Don't make me laugh.

So I finished up one mini game and started another, all while still working on a main title, only to find out how insane it is for me to try and publish. Turns out there's a lot of people I have to sign papers with to get the game out there if I expect to do it for any sort of profit that I might use towards my next game. I would almost end up owing more than I would make which probably means when it's all said and done I would owe more. I can launch for free but I can't accept donations if I do that apparently. I've been thinking of doing kickstarter and pointing out it's already done except for it's for funding unfinished products... It seems like I must've seriously missed something somewhere. So in response I'm re-working as much as I can to cut out as many people as I can. I'm also trying to find out why autodesk is trying to double dip when I know Epic covers their fee for any and all "gameware". Well perhaps not any and all but at least what I used, I'm not entirely sure what other gameware they have and if Epic covers it or not but for what I used it's clearly stated they do.

My frustration is compounded by the fact the UDK editor I've been using doesn't want to start anymore it's immediately crashing after it finishes loading. Which makes me inclined to believe I have some kind of conflict somewhere but I can't narrow it down. Then again it might be my ati/amd graphics drivers which are of course up to date but I remember them having a conflict earlier in the year I think around july that was frustrating me. I haven't picked up the november UDK update yet so hopefully that will fix it.

Someone pointed out nfringe to me to incorporate with visual studio, at the time I got a free copy of visual studio 2012, granted I've never worked with visual studio before, but it becomes pointless relative to unrealscript when you realize nfringe doesn't support 2012, only up through 2010. Which means I'm sticking with my notepad++.

I've also come up with a few more random game ideas bringing my total of "on paper" ideas to 26. 16 of which actually have been thought out fairly well, have feature lists, and an overall storyline where relevant. 4 of which are in development 1 of which is actually technically finished if not for my now necessary revisions.

I'm going to try and see if any of the licenses can accept payment after release as well and hopefully I can get people to work with me on this. I'm going to have a meeting tomorrow with a couple venture capitalists to see if I might be able to bypass community funding somehow. If all goes well we might actually see this game this year yet. It's sad how a 3 month project turned into an all year venture like this. Makes me wonder what I'll do next year....

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  1. The pain of free market economics. A pain I only know too well.