December 08, 2012

Question to the Readers

I've been thinking about adding a training/learning mode to multiplayer and bots. In the training mode I would have a menu to teach you about each and every thing, weapons, attachments, maps, strategy, etc, all with voice and camera focus and player interactions. As for bots, well it's just in case things flop and we don't get a lot of players you can still play against an AI not to mention balancing teams when there's not enough players for a match proper, then adding drop in drop out and people take over AI or it takes over when they leave for smooth gameplay.

So my question is, would you want these features, would you use them, and that else would you want if I were to include them? Namely if I'm setting up a learning mode what would you want to learn about that I haven't already listed?

To be more specific about map learning I'd show a basic heat map of where people tend to move, and where people tend to die. I'd explain how the map was designed, what it was meant for and how it was originally intended for use. Granted the maps are just sections of the existing city however that is primarily how the city was designed to begin with, in sections, each with a practical purpose and a gameplay mode in mind. I'd probably include some history about what that part of the city was used for even if it's irrelevant it might help with immersion. I might highlight a few key areas of note, some good sniping positions, and alternative entries to particular locations where objectives are. Things of that nature, though if it wasn't actually pointed out here and it's something you want be sure to mention so in comments.

Right now I'm working on adding heat maps for each game mode and map, as well as more stat tracking. Again though I'm not bothering with accuracy because it's hard to measure when a person is actually aiming, or is just spray and pray or suppressive fire. The only way I know to measure so far is how many bullets fired compared to how many hit a valid enemy target which doesn't include that extra round you didn't need when shooting someone that hit them anyway, you see? Other than that though I have plans for favorite weapons, maps, attachments, game modes, weapons types, and more. These will also be used to recommend upgrades from the upgrade menu.

To clarify from a previous post while I removed oversized mechs I do still have the tank, and small to medum sized battle armors and mechs. Though nothing taller than an average house unlike before. So the role is still there just a different ultimate upgrade I'm working on right now.

That should about wrap things up, again if the mentioned features from before sound nice or if there's anything you want to add I would appreciate mentioning it in the comments.


  1. I want Crash Bandicoot to make an appearance and aid me as I kick ass. Other than that, can't think of anything more...


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    1. I wouldn't say it takes massive work for simple things, though it does take time, probably a couple hours every other day to research topics and actually write. As for strategy, pick a theme you know you can talk infinitely on.

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