November 16, 2012

The November Update

While I've generally been keeping up on my philosophy I know I've cut back on this side. Simply put there hasn't been much to openly discuss till today. I've been testing some of the changes I made and really changed up a few things. For starters I've stripped out the larger skyscraper mechs for various reasons and will be saving them for a different game not yet even thought of which may not ever happen. I managed to get nearly 160 players playing simultaneously without lag, and I'm confident it can handle more though I didn't have enough people to find out at the time. Something which for the record unreal engine absolutely is not built for at all, and it was a nightmare to rebuild everything ground up but the good news is that it's finally starting to pay off. Speaking of Unreal I must say I'm somewhat impressed by their UE4 tech demo's they put out. I'm also not oblivious to the changes at epic games, but I'm also not worried about them at all either.

I managed to also get an improved version of persistent world play up and get that tested. I also broke down and implemented a console controller and joypad support including free form editing and enable/disable with disable the default. This way if you like to use an emulator that's still an option, and if you want the in game support it's there and proper not some infuriating garbage, and if you happen to not like the setup you're also free to change it with access to all the same area's it's programmed for. To elaborate for example the difference between a button press and a button hold, and sequence actions like double tap or combos. Though over this coming weekend I'll be working on it some more as there were complaints about conflicts with certain button combinations and settings. I finished adding another 5 guns in as well and made sure they work with existing assets. Add to that several hundred other minor tweaks and fixes and updates I've been working on, dare I suggest it might already be award worthy on the multiplayer aspect.

As for my progress in developing single player I scrapped the side missions for now and focused in on single player thinking about how I could increase play time without stupid gimmicks or grinding where everything seems to continue smoothly and progresses the story at a decent pace. Which first off started with me shortening the game quite a bit then devising a plan I'm working on now to expand the story itself.

The changes in the story are minor with this new idea and add a few hours to play time over what was cut out. So that's about all I can think of to catch everybody up for now, hope you enjoyed it.

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