June 11, 2013

Tomorrows Headline: PS4 Assassinates X1

Chances are if you've taken a glance at the internet today you've heard how Sony just pimp handed the X1 so hard that Dr. Pepper had to come revive it. *joke* In all seriousness the PS4 laid the smack down today basically saying "ps4, it's not the xbox one" to the praise of all those that would listen. While I said before the ps4 isn't all sunshine and rainbows as of right now it's really looking up and cleared up a lot of concerns I may have had about it.

Coming in with a left hook touting no used game DRM or authentication of any kind just like the current ps3 of the mindset "if it's not broke don't fix it". Then a solid right hook basically doing the opposite of all other xbox one policies remaining. Then the final uppercut for a grand knock out and kill shot of no required camera which is sold seperately, better hardware specs, and a lower price at only $399 likely due in large part to not requiring a camera. It also learned from their ps3 mistakes by now including an HDMI cable and headset which were some of my biggest gripes of ps3. Then it was time for a victory dance of jack tretton giggling his ass off as they roll their 40+ games that will be on ps4 trailers with more exclusives than X1 has launch titles.

The icing on the cake is sony has stated they intend to make sure all your psn purchases are backwards compatible even if the disc based games aren't. Though you will still be able to stream them to a vita if you happen to have one. Sony's behavior really moves me, to the extent I might reconsider my position on next gen and pick up a ps4 and vita sometime in 2014 though as of yet still seems somewhat unlikely. Though given that sony is very active in making sure indie devs gets what they need to develop on their console I may not have to buy one, we'll see.

The small downside for us playstation users is that playstation plus learned a little from xbox and will now be required for multiplayer access. For me it's really not nearly as big of a deal since I love the service and it's cheaper than XBL also giving us lots of really good free games for some time now adding many extra features for the ps3 that I would not have considered essential or ever demand as freebies before. All in all the playstation plus service is everything the XBL gold service should aspire to be, the offer for halo 3, fable 3, and assassins creed 2 was practically a slap in the face and a last ditch effort to save face.

Quite honestly this battle may be over before it begins. Sony has officially declared war on microsoft in the gaming department at this point and they're doing a damn good job at it so far if they keep this up the rest of the year and through next year it will be the end of the xbox and rightfully so considering the circumstance. Though it's not like it's easy to lose when all you have to do is not completely alienate everyone including yourself. At that point you REALLY have to work at failing in order to not win. Even if FAIL was your dump stat you'd still have to have negative attributes in every category and a natural +1 to socially repugnant to even come close to the shear level of insanity and practical suicide the X1 did.

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  1. Playstation will reign supreme once again in the console kingdom. It'll be like the year 2000AD all over again.