June 10, 2013

Rising Flames over the X1

I was watching the news channels all day a couple days ago as the massive flaming ball of fodder that is M$ unloaded on us with all the nonsense I mentioned before. This time adding the extra fee for each person watching a show that the kinect detects which from my understanding if it doesn't detect at least one person every so often it'll automatically pause whatever you're doing? A reminder that even though you can "turn it off" some games if not all will require it to some extent and it's always "listening" even when the whole console is off. They managed to confirm the publishers having control over used game fees and daily connect which somehow I'm reading across the board as "not so bad" compared to last time I read it as "they must burn for this". I'm equally enraged at having to connect every day not as some student abroad or military personnel which have their own problems aside, just as a matter of considering myself there are sometimes days I go without playing other times I may play with the console disconnected, sometimes I'll come home and decide to grab it and run to a friends to play something without having it on for a few days prior and of course it would be the friend that doesn't have internet, or visiting a cabin in the north for a week in the summer and wanting something to do at night, any number of times where I simply won't be able to play if I have to connect every day. The heavy reliance on the cloud still worries me especially when considering games that won't be able to run without it especially if they're big titles that lots of people will be playing.

Then the nightmare over loaning games or even just playing them on your account at a friends house. If you're at a friends house your "once every twenty four hour validation" bumps up to every hour, that's right if you don't validate at least once an hour at a friends no more gaming for you. Granted the 10 family members sharing should cover most friends you'll play with but it won't cover any gaming events you go to like competitions or dorm room throwdowns. Who knows how it'll interact if two people one of which is on share folder with you are playing and one of you leaves? I'm still steaming over the idea that if the kinect sensor detects more than one person watching a movie with your for example then it's going to insist on charging you an extra fee for each person watching, I mean honestly WTF!!! Somehow despite all this the pre orders for it are through the roof according to apparently ... blockbuster? since when were they a legitimate source of pre orders? Now that my initial awe at the controller is out of the way I can confidently say that it isn't that great either the buttons are actually a bit horrific the only thing they did right might be the sticks and that's a matter of personal preference I still would like the crosshairs, that having been said apparently batteries are not completely gone as I once thought, it will not be shipping with native 4k support, and using a usb cable on the controller will not stop battery drain only slow it down and from what I can tell will not recharge any rechargeable batteries or LION packs w/e it is they're going to use.No backwards compatability either not even for the arcade titles.

Really just at the end there's probably two dozen or more other things I'm not even going to mention the end result is that if you buy an X1 (xbox one if that wasn't completely obvious by now) for any reason other than a portable grill or to have something to laugh at then may whatever deity you worship have mercy on your soul and know that I pity you and your clear self hatred and foolish spending habits. Excuse me while I go save hundreds and thousands of dollars getting my games from steam or online shops at amazing discounts all day every day all year and have access to my games when and where and how I want. Granted it still doesn't have game loaning, sharing, selling, etc but at least I know the deal and honestly with the kind of money I save I can buy copies for all of my friends if it's that big a deal. Let's not forget the awesome marketplace either that lets me sell in game generated items for real cash, the mods I'm free to install at my leisure even encouraged to do so with official workshop support, my free multiplayer, and all the other awesome things I get from being a pc player. The main thing is I know my deal with steam I know what to expect and what I'm getting and it's nowhere near the headache just listening to the X1 announcements is.

I'm as tired of writing about their nonsense as you are of reading it so I'll leave this as a small reminder that it doesn't matter what M$ says at E3 their console was burned from inception and I refuse to rant on it further wasting both our precious time.

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