June 07, 2013

Off The Clock

What do I do when I'm not working? Well I like to think that I never truly stop, even when my fingers aren't flying away I'm always thinking, but the truth is I try to start my mornings slow and end the day with a little relaxation. Mostly if I'm not working I'm either playing or watching. Games I play are all over the board but most often I hit up whatever I have installed on steam (290+ games) using some random picker or whatever I have selected from my last play through. Sometimes I'll grab a mod tool and make something lately that's been starcraft 2 map editor. For my random game picker I use " whatthefuckshouldiplayonsteam.com " and if I'm watching games it's usually insomniacgamers.net though sometimes it's a random stream from twitch.tv or a random site. I try to make time at least once a week to catch up on all my shows which I faithfully aquire through non standard means in order to watch them all as quickly and efficiently as possible with the most control and the least commercials. I also take time to read up current gaming news and developer articles/journals to keep my skills up to date. Really it's a fairly boring line up, same as most anyone, I doubt most of you can honestly claim your regular routine is anything so amazingly fantastic that you have a new and unique life changing experience every day.

I almost started this blog actually as a tv show review guide. Aside from the manner in which I tell my friends about tv episodes which tends to be humorous I also happen to catch a large number of shows. The reason this blog isn't that blog though is because I am a bit selective, if a show is clearly not to my interest I won't watch it, I've got plenty of other things to fill my time than to waste it with something I won't enjoy. I tend to watch a show to completion even if it's bad assuming it's a finished series, if it's ongoing I'll finish a given season then quit. Though I'm getting the feeling I've shared this with you before mentioning what a mistake tru calling was and how not even eliza dushku could save it...

Moving on I would mention the recent show with kevin bacon "the following" which apparently kevin bacon tweeted a spoiler though I must've missed it. I would say it's not a spoiler though and there's actually room for "Joe" to come back. If you remember that extra guy in the cabin they killed? they only found one body at the lakehouse when there should be two. Not to say it's a giant possibility but it's not impossible and I like the idea of Joe as a return villian as opposed to the wild cult in the wind idea. Just something to consider.

I also have this nasty habbit of picking shows that just don't last. I bothered to calculate it once and around 76% of shows I like to watch get cancelled within a year of me starting to watch them and new shows not making it past a second season. How bad is this you might ask? Given how many shows get canned all the time. I started watching "House M.D." after avoiding it so long on early season 7 maybe late season 6, before I remember them announcing season 8 would be it's end. Terminator sarah connor chronicles, dollhouse, fringe, legend of the seeker, jericho, the riches, chuck, heroes, prison break, the cape, deadzone, farscape, lexx, leverage, dirty sexy money, the tudors, hung, reaper, las vegas, oz, six feet under, weeds, lie to me, breaking in, my own worst enemy, ringer, nip/tuck, arrested development, cult all meet the criteria I listed in that they either did not survive past a second season with me watching from the beginning or were cancelled shortly after I started watching with some like fringe I knew I'd love so avoided watching for a long time so as to avoid jinxing it by chance then getting canned the second I did. Not to be so self obsessed to say that it is my fault but it's a statistical anomaly. Granted some of them clearly deserved to be cancelled or were bound to fail from the beginning.

Shows that survive this or clearly didn't follow under the same setup even if they're ending now or have ended lasted longer than 2 seasons of me watching, burn notice, dexter, attack of the show, warehouse 13, game of thrones, rookie blue, revenge (I hope), lost girl, being human, shameless, walking dead and breaking bad. I watch a lot of other shows some of which also survive however the key difference is I hate them, I hate watching wilfred and yet for some insane reason I keep watching the new episodes. The list is also a little incomplete given that I can't remember all the shows that I've ever watched that have been cancelled and yet at the same time I can say that it seems like the shows I don't watch tend to survive substantially longer than the shows I do, and as of right now there are a large number of shows in a state of limbo, either they haven't yet made it to season 2 or have only just begun or are currently in season 2 pending official renewal for a third season. if you're interested in knowing more shows I watch I suggest you visit my pearltree where I have a fairly comprehensive list of all the current shows I keep track of that haven't been cancelled yet though some are off season.

if you want to hear more of my thoughts on tv shows and various episodes leave a comment and if I get at least 3 or 4 of you interested I'll start adding it to my regular posting routine. Though we'll have to decide if I should include spoilers as in some cases like the recent game of thrones ending I knew that was coming and after it happened it was spammed everywhere but maybe you really didn't want to know? I know a lot of friends were very upset that I didn't tell them while I sat laughing at their horrified faces.

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