January 11, 2012

Opening moves.

Having grown impatient in my efforts to break into my industry of choice it's time to break out and claim territory for myself. I am a game developer.

The first point to start with is a name and a business plan, which is already well under way. This leads me to the current preliminary model, which is based on tactics I've learned to be effective in competitive games. Establishing a base of operations, or a territory, or some groundwork for a base and income or other resource is all important.
Evolving into a refined machine and finding more efficient methods of completing current objectives in terms of cost, time, speed, etc.
Then taking this momentum and being aggressive with it, expanding outward and claiming additional resources establishing new bases or camps, forward operating bases and using this as a new establishment for a subsequent evolution.
This process is repetitive until victory is attained, however each phase should be progressively longer than previous to ensure stability.

Ideally each phase has primary and secondary sub categories simultaneously being worked on and thus each primary phase includes parts of the other phases. While you may sometimes be on the defensive a strong and continuous offense is important even in the midst of a strong defense you should have some kind of offensive strategy at play unless your goal is merely survival which ultimately leads to defeat. During most offenses your attack should include some plan towards damaging the resources and income of your adversaries, this economical advantage you create for yourself should prove itself invaluable in the future. Preventing an adversaries expansion or sabotaging it to strain their resources is also quite important as simply letting them expand will give them a foothold to establish a new offense quicker and stronger than before.

The focus right now however is exclusively on establishing myself, otherwise nothing else matters. The best methods for this are unavailable to me right now however thus I will establish myself with a simple game using the best of my abilities, it will be creative, addictive, and cheap to encourage new followers to join me and establish my income. For these reasons my first commercial game will be short and likely have a lot of replay value. Perhaps a cross between a top down shooter and a dungeon crawler...

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