January 31, 2012

Ask me anything.

As the title says, ask me anything. I'll try to answer as many questions as I can if not all in the next blog.
Any topic though preferably work safe, and preferably in a manner that I can understand.

To eliminate a few things, I'm generally broke, early 20's. living in Flint MI, fluently speak 3 languages, have at some point learned part of several others on a significant enough scale I could've carried a conversation though I've been so out of practice  I'd look like a fool to try and use them. The languages I know in order of most to least are as follows, English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Finnish, French-Arabic.
I Play on my PC (look at previous posts for exact hardware) my old xbox 120GB don't have the new S model, PS3 Slim 120GB, With standard ps3 controllers for ps3, standard or MW2 xbox controller, and keyboard mouse for most pc game occasionally using an xbox controller and xpadder with custom profile.
I can't pick a single favorite movie, however if it were a gun to my head scenario I'd say R.O.D. Yamiko Readman, I remember after I bought it I had it on infinite replay for almost 3 months, something about it was just so addicting. I might put together an essentials list, movies that I think everyone should see at least once in their life if not own.
My favorite game is obviously going to be my own, you should buy it cause it's awesome, etc etc. Of course if I wasn't picking my own I'd have to go genre by genre. Ocarina of time has withstood the test of time, I'd still pick it up and play if I were to beat all my games and still be a bit bored. The excellent audio, gameplay, story progression, mechanics, just everything was 10 out of 10. The original halo was something almost magical, and it helped me bond with my first real friends once I was out of that kid phase and started looking at my future seriously. Unreal Tournament on the PC back in like 04 was seriously B.A. and brought me into the realm of competitive gaming. The Elder Scrolls series has been a serious dedication of my life apparently after I add up all the hours I put into it, Bethesda has claimed over a consecutive year of my life (Roughly 9,000 hours played) playing those games not including Fallout 3. The Gears of War series has also been a real friend maker, but was also my first rage quit ever, seriously easy to get infuriated on it sometimes, I remember one night a friend had a clicker for something and decided to count how many times I cursed or shouted, I shocked myself by comparison to how very little that happens in other games like MW or Halo where even when angry I'm in control. Of course there's always the Final Fantasy series. I seriously have viewed it as nothing but absolutely downhill since the merger of squaresoft with enix, FFX was the last good FF and even that was a little weak, the last GREAT FF was 8. Though even that pales in comparison to my next choice. I was first hooked early on by this great series and ever since I've been happy with every installment, it's beyond pure gold to me. One particular installment was so emotionally gripping it did what even the death of Aeris (/Aerith STFU!!!!) couldn't do for me in FF7, It moved me to a single manly tear. The game I'm talking about it Metal Gear. It was one of the first games I got with my PS1 along with FF7 8 and tactics. When the PS2 came along I only basically owned Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, FFX and Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3. MGS3 is what got to me, it was so perfect in so many ways it actually replaces Ocarina of Time as my all time favorite gun to my head choice game. MGS1 was also amazingly done and even got me to go way back and play the old games they had around, like ghost babel, metal gear (nes) the sequal was much harder to find, though I did accidentally pick up snakes revenge on my quest. Even though MGS2 was a little bumpy, I was still satisfied overall.
I absolutely never play sports games, the way I see it is if you're going to play a sport you might as well play it, not pretend to play it. I'm starting to reconsider my position on the subject with the newest installment of fight night, and the Real Steel arcade game, however the core sports games even though I love hockey I'll never play nhl, and I'm simply not interested at all in football, basketball, baseball, and while I used to be into soccer that too is no more.

My general choice of music is MeloDeth, Symphonic where possible, metal, classic rock, Classical (seriously I do mean old school 1800's classical) and various derivatives but I can't stand country, and I can rarely get into a rap or pop single, other genres generally I don't get into. I was into techno for a while but now it's just meh don't care either way. I love older music, stuff from the 50's through the 80's and a select few current bands. Though I must declare AC/DC as the kings of all music and they are my all time favorite band no questions. I'm currently into disturbed, kinda been into them after they got their stuff together after down with the sickness and it's just been getting better since. I miss Tarja Turunen but she has her own stuff now I get, she used to be lead singer for Nightwish which is still good but no where near where they were with her. Rammstein and Oomph! to round things out a bit. A lot of my audio work in my more serious game I've been working on is based on Rammstein's work with Sonne in particular influencing most of the guitar work.

I do read a lot. The particular books I'd suggest are a little cliche but Brett Easton Ellis' American Psycho, and The Art of War (Sun Tzu blah blah blah re-interpreted by whoever). Now in the particular case of Art of War I've re-read it several times, learning something new every time and it's perfectly applicable to every moment of every day even though you're not in direct violent conflict. Books themselves are a great source of knowledge and power, however for every good and informational book there are hundreds if not thousands of garbage ones that are a simple waste of your time.

With this much you now know about me hopefully you'll have some well thought out questions to ask that aren't quite so generic.

As for a Muse or source of inspiration, strangely enough Liv Tyler seems to always inspire me somehow, and I don't know why. Generally speaking women in and of themselves are always quite inspirational, if you're stuck on something get a good look at a decent looking woman and see if that changes anything for you.


  1. What is the single meanest or worst thing you have done to someone else.

    1. Physically I've obviously broken a few bones in my day, but I'll remember the day I actually broke a bear bottle while beating someone half to death with it. Normal beer bottles aren't sugar glass like you see in the movies, you can get a few good whacks in before they start to crack, and in my case I'd broken his jaw and removed several teeth and fractured his skull. He really had it coming though, considering he was stupid enough to pull a knife on me.

      Emotionally I'm not so sure, however I did find out shortly after a particularly bad break up that the girl I was with had just been diagnosed with some unpronounceable incurable disease just earlier in the day that I broke up with her (seriously didn't know when I did it) and she hung herself that night. I'd say that definitely will stick with me.