February 16, 2012


First I'd like to mention I finally got a clue and turned off captcha, if it doesn't work please say so because I went into old interface to make sure it was off

Now for the meat of this short story, I've not done a single thing of particular interest in the last couple days, I've merely been tweaking and balancing and polishing in general, finally got my lava stream spell to stick and survive for a little while in addition to making it look smoother more lava like and use less processing power allowing you to use it more with more enemies on screen before any drop in frames

right now I've maxed my system to about 20,000 enemies before things start to slow down
in order to do that though I of course had to essentially turn on god mode by disabling death for touching enemies and erecting a barrier around the player that keeps enemies away so they don't just horde you in a way you can't kill them
For your comments because I can't find an easy poll option I'd like to know if you'd like to have a god mode option in the final release or if you think it's too tempting to use that you'll give in and the game will be destroyed for you
of course if I were to include it I would disable leaderboard tracking that I haven't even implemented yet, though I do have a personal best high score table

What stats would you want tracked anyway? I for one was never a fan of accuracy because I've heard of a thing called cover fire, in addition to the fact it's always based on hit and miss not where they were hit or how close they were to being hit etc
keep in mind I'm only discussing stat tracking for the mini game right now, the main game I have a system setup already and it was a big enough pain I'm not likely to change it, I'll tell you more about it in my next post
anyway for now I was thinking of tracking the deepest floor you've made it to which I've already implemented, and was going to add bosses killed, because # of other enemies killed even by type would be a ridiculous number after one or two hours of play, and it wouldn't be hard to add a real scoring system to the game in which I could add tracking to though right now I don't have that
and perhaps a favorite spell type
essentially there's the fire based spells, nature / earth based spells, and manipulation spells which help you or hinder your enemies or both such as slow or poison, though I'm thinking of adding one more to really round things out but I can't make up my mind which is focused on other things to begin with
basically water and air wouldn't make much sense and wouldn't be very versatile so I'm open to suggestions


  1. my accuracy is never high in shooters. I spray too much fire

  2. Initially, I don't like a 'god mode' to be included in a game. It makes it very tempting to just turn on and sap all the challenge out of it. But for those super challenging games, a god mode is good because with it, the game gets more play. Otherwise, it would be sitting on the shelf with other games that I got stuck on.

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