February 20, 2012

Combat Progression

(in relation to the full game)
One game mode I have is like tug of war infection
essentially both sides are out to kill the entire enemy team, one killed a player changes sides to kill his old team mates, but of course if they kill him he switches sides again, so you basically have to kill everyone at once, and with the large number of players I have that can take a while and is actually quite fun
Another mode is a kind of juggernaut mode that is more of a team effort type game in which if you don't have total cooperation and good leadership you'll fail, every single player in the game has to shoot the juggernaut at least once or he can't die, it's a smaller game type mode with only 16 total players, the juggernaut is all powerful and deadly, he's actually one of the main characters from the storyline of the game so it'll make sense in multiplayer when you face him as to why he's all powerful
essentially he has a really large life tank, is crazy fast, nearly a one hit killer every time, and if you let him get away he'll regenerate quite nicely, fortunately for you after every player has shot him he has a variable that kicks in which determines how much damage he takes each time he's hurt and every time he's hurt it goes up, it's kind of like a super smash bros thing
basically the more you hurt him the more you can hurt him and the quicker he can be hurt
eventually when he starts getting shot he'll be taking too much damage to just be standing out in the open and taking it
the players are generally well equipped with heavy weapons and explosives but even that won't save them if they don't know how to use them like a team

another juggernaut mode is the more classic you kill you become scenario, so there's a lot of classics actually that are in here, TDM, CTF, HQ, KOTH, FFA, etc though I'll admit I'm really on the fences about including FFA when this is a highly team based game

The entire multiplayer evolves by rank from a COD Hardcore to a more halo approach, in the early rank only one or two bullets will kill you but towards later ranks as weapons and tech advance you actually get plasma shields and kinetic barriers and other forms of protection that lead you to living much longer lives usually and a gun fight might go from a couple seconds to nearly a minute
Additionally there's all the combat boosters each player has access to and in a couple rare cases so far I've actually seen two players constantly shooting at eachother for nearly two minutes and after running out of ammo they basically got into a fist fight rolling around and punching etc because they were both basically juggernauts
which is something I should've mentioned sooner, that you can fist fight other players, it's not quite fight night or DOA / Virtua Fighter (pick your 3d poison) but it's a little better than mirrors edge which wasn't half bad

There's choke holds, neck snaps, torturing for information, assassination, and various other nifty combat techniques which you'll get to experience

That should satisfy you for a couple more days


  1. "Tug of War + Infection" might actually prove to be a pretty fun game mode mostly because I've never heard of it before. Everyone, I assume would be very cautious of the other team and hopefully learn some tactics instead of "hurr durr, one man army!" sort of thing like in CoD.

    Plus you might get a glimpse of the true self of people. What I mean is that say one person gets shot and moves to another team right? He/she might like that team so much that he/she gets so pumped up because they're winning. I don't know how to put this but they won't care of betraying their old team because of the power they feel when being with a more superior team. Like is a team has more kills that the other, I'm more inclined to join the former.

    As for the "Juggernaut", that might bring some actual teamwork which I adore with a passion. Reminds me of my BF2 days. Ever thought of putting obstacles where guys could take cover from like in an outdoor environment? Or is this "Juggernaut" mode more of an indoor type of thing?

    Good luck!

    1. you can take cover behind obstacles, there is a "slight" stick to objects if it detects you're in cover your character will get a little more in a cover like state
      in which I'm currently considering going automatically into a 3rd person view mode which makes sense in relation to the story in which there is a kinda floaty camera thing that you can have follow you that you could use

      the jugg is both indoor and outdoor, the whole game is mostly urban environment and a little bit of desert and forest action, the place is kinda set up like monaco except for desert beyond the mountain range

      whole underground network system as well so a lot of tight and narrow action to play with, dynamic terraforming which is still a little in progress but is already up and working so it's just fine tuning really, so you could dig a trench...

    2. Just don't make the 3rd person view like that of resident evil when you zoom in. It's annoying when you can't see what's on your left screen and you get killed...

      On second thought, screw it it's your game :)

  2. i cant agree more, specially when it comes to war genres!

  3. Ooooh, I like how you switch sides when you die. TF2 should do that so you can be a part of the action all the time.

  4. I like neck snaps in vidya games. It's a prerequisite to a good duel.