November 11, 2014

We were sick

So my computer caught a bad case of poweliks rootkit trojan whatever (w/e) you call it. This little nightmare has been bugging me for a few days. If anyone here is noticing a bunch of dllhoste.exe processes on their system and can't figure it out you might want to look in to it. I happened to likely pick this baby up on one of three gaming sites which I actually disable my adblocker for. While I disable it in many places such as when I'm reading blogs or certain sites I enjoy I can narrow this case down due to the fact I hadn't been to really any sites in the last week or so other than those few.

Meanwhile I've been having a nasty cold I caught from some friend of a friend and everyone that caught something from her last time was sick for months afterward. Thankfully this one seemed to pass by quickly but in my immune weakened state I then caught an extra 3 infections with wildly different symptoms and my doctor finally gave me some heavy duty meds to completely destroy anything that comes my way and boost my immune system back up a bit. Now that I'm in fighting shape maybe I can get back to posting again.

In the mean time if you have the same poweliks problem my solution was Rogue Killer. so check it out if you need the hand or just think you've got something else nasty on your system that malwarebytes can't handle.

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