September 12, 2014

A man of many hats

So most of this blog has been from my work and as a dev with some insights on my views as a consumer and a rare post as both. I thought this was to separate my blog from the many consumer based game blogs out there. Now I see combining the two should be more of a focus as neither stands out on their own for me now.

This is my official return to regular posting after my long hiatus. During this time I would like to say it was self discovery that brought me back or reinventing myself. The truth being I'm roughly the same as I ever was simply with more life experience in the past few months.

The recap of my time off is basically my going around to conventions and seizing opportunities. I managed to sell most of my work while retaining some of the IP rights to reuse my material in the future. And on an unrelated note I was sued for a bill I paid years ago and that's been fun so far. I still have one court meeting left to officially resolve everything but all the paperwork and evidence is in so I'm feeling good about it.

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