December 15, 2013


One thing that's preached over and over again across nearly all industries and throughout the entirety of your education is the importance of teamwork and people skills. The sad truth is that in order to get ahead in this life. unless you simply are the absolute, unequivocal, undeniable best at what you do, you have to know people. It's always about who you know and who knows you and just a small acquaintance is sometimes all the advantage you need or that determines who gets the job. It may not be fair but that's life.

Unfortunately for me because of the manner in which I'd lived my life up to this point I am unprepared for the sheer level of stupidity I have to deal with on a daily basis. It's hard to get along with people when you can't stand them. It's not that they're stupid or have a different belief or just don't know things, if that were the case I could certainly deal with it. I find myself surrounded though by willfully ignorant people that actively ignore facts as presented to them and substitute baseless notions of what they think should be the best for any random reason without support. This isn't some subjective thing either like methodology of work methods or art it's very clear well defined objective values on things that shouldn't even be argued over. To put the basis of most arguments I have in a form we can all understand I'll use a math formula, don't concern yourself with the value of the variables focus more on the form and format presented.

(me) We should do Q because of A, B, and C instead of what we do now X because of T, M, P, and E and that is in our best interest because of D and we'll be better off for it.
(them) well I think that X or Y is best and it's all the same no matter how you do it so it just doesn't matter and P will be the same either way and it's just like (other thing) ....
then they ramble on without any supporting evidence

to shorten this:
(me) Q>=A+B+C     ~   X=F+G+H     F+G+H=T+M+P+E=D and our goal is T+M+P+E<D or ~D>D and we define A+B+C<T+M+P+E thus <F+G+H thus Q>=X resulting in ~D>D aka our goal
therefore Q is a superior solution to our goal than X
(them) (X, Y> Q and Q/P=X, Y/P and F=G=H=T=M=P=E=D because ? and (~D=D)*constant) = Z
therefore X = Z <X, Y

so you might understand my frustration when dealing with people that make no sense, don't understand what they're talking about and ignore even simple facts, though that wasn't as present in this example it's present I assure you. they're the kind of people that once they say it they're locked in and will argue that 2 is greater than 3 all day no matter the evidence the whole time saying that 7 is the best anyway and nothing else matters

So the secret to life is probably somewhere along the lines of condescending tolerance of all other people and having excellent interpersonal manipulation skills, because sex will only get you so far.

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