November 17, 2013

I Live Again

Well the vacation went well. It nearly killed me being without internet and there's so much to catch up on. Sadly pop culture is as dreadful as ever and politics is as sad as ever with so much indecision and people caring about the most ridiculous things. As much faith in humanity was restored in my travels I must say that America is doing a damn fine job at destroying it all over again. Now that I'm back though I have so many ideas I've been writing down and joining together.

Perhaps my most impressive feat is that I've officially found a way to tie all stories from all of my other games together into a single coherent timeline occupying the same universe. I'm now working on a full comprehensive story to tie everything together and as awesome as I like to think it is at least it will make sense, at most someone's mind might just melt and then explode at the awesome move.

It also seems the personal points system is catching on, I've found many more people just saying out loud plus one (insert value eg. respect, cool, etc) for various things and people. Gaming news is pretty hot right now for obvious reasons, though sadly the launches both look pretty bad right now.

On the upswing AMD finally has new graphics cards, crucial is about to have the first to market DDR4 RAM before there's a single motherboard to support it or processor with controller, which we expect sometime next month. 4k is being pushed hard and the tech is looking better all the time. G-sync looks fabulous and intel is making thunderbolt available as an add in card, Mantle API is making promises that I hope it can deliver on so badly, companies are once again starting to push hardware driven sound processing for games something we lost after EAX kinda and will free up CPU power a bit. OLED is also making a big push and prices are falling fast, from like 80k for a 50" last year to 40k for a 90" this year, and supposedly some of the first AMOLED monitors making their way to consumers. To clarify LED is a backlight, OLED an actual replacement for LCD, and from what I understand they're using IGZO as a panel type for both? Samsung has a new tech for depositing the phosphors which also helps cut costs which excites me a little. It's only a short distance away from a glorious stage I almost have a nerdgasm for, which is 160+hz refresh, sub-milisecond response, 4k resolution, in the 32+" range under the $1k mark. My understanding of OLED leads me to believe refresh rates should be infinitely superior to LCD which we barely get 144hz on the high end and has a theoretical max capacity of 400hz, where as OLED by theory of it's .01ms response time could have as high as 100,000hz refresh from a mechanical and mathematical standpoint.

so yeah, in terms of tech I'm geeking out a bit, but games are also looking good and I'm happy a lot of console games are making their way to pc reasonably fast this time. Oh so many other things to take care of though, so I'll have to fill in other details next time, just letting everyone know I'm alive

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