July 28, 2013

Close Calls

The last couple weeks have been insane. I've started working on another game which consumed a lot of my time setting up a prototype for which I'm really trying to ignore so that I can get back to what I've already been working on for so long. It's one of my worse habits I'm trying to control. During this time I did a little traveling and while I had a great time doing so I'm a bit out of shape compared to all the walking I did and when I got back I was really feeling it. I managed to seriously pull some muscles and that had me laid up in bed all week in just excruciating pain. Coupled with a serious virus of some kind that had me running a fever, sweating my ass off, constantly vomiting, and so much more. I spent the last couple days in the hospital on IV antibiotics and some damn fine pills keeping me half way knocked out all day and night.

As to the new game idea I've been doing all kinds of interesting research and I couldn't help but notice some interesting details of russian history that just really help me put a lot of perspective on my understanding of world history. At the end of the Czars and the uprising of the communist party the royal families were basically causing hyper inflation of the money supply with workers not receiving any additional income it made every day expenses unaffordable. The working class in response had a revolution. I look at that and then look at today and must say that America looks vaguely similar to that era now in that the wealthiest families being treated like royalty essentially controlling the government are over inflating our currency to the point that our every day expenses are becoming unaffordable and we're still only being paid what we were before. I then consider how the working class established their new government as realize how America being the capitalist society it is was almost inherently bound to be threatened by this movement because the rich were undoubtedly afraid of the same thing happening here. This makes it easy to understand how they demonized communism and with leaders like Stalin it was hard to defend communism. Still While many comparisons can be drawn there's a huge difference between then and now.

As to more console news I'm just going to avoid talking about the next gen until it's actually out because xbox has once again changed their minds and with so much still in flux it's just best to wait it out at this point, they'll be out soon enough and I'll do my best to  cover details at that point.

I hope everyone enjoys their week, though I'm better I'll still be taking it easy for a while.

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