May 15, 2013


In previous weeks I have been unusually busy and thus my posts were later in the day rather than my standard 5am however as you may have noticed this week I completely missed, that is because unlike previous weeks I actually couldn't make it this week. I had a slight accident while helping someone move and couldn't quite get to a computer to write an update.

For those of you calling it an excuse I should remind you it's a reason as it is logical and it actually prevented me from being able to blog where as an excuse tend to either be illogical or unsatisfactory in that you chose not to do something though you could for a given pretext.

In that time my computer was on loan to a friend and being the wonderful system that it is apparently every cat video he decided to like among other things got a post to my twitter.

On the game front I actually didn't get much work done as I was primarily busy with infrastructure scouting locations for an official office now that I have some funding, placing a few ads, arranging to get equipment and software, a multitude of other things. I really don't remember setting up a business being this hard the last time I made one, so the question is if it's harder because of what it is or am I just stressing trying to make things go smoother and better than before.

I also happened to make a couple starcraft 2 arcade games, one is a revision on the bunker wars game type and the other is a massive hybrid on bunker wars, tug of war, king of the hill, and turret defense. The later of which is actually not yet completed however is substantially far along.

The important principal to know about the revisions is that rather than having to build a different unit each time and upgrade them separately I just merged spawn count into an additional upgrade.

I'm also seriously considering a revision on an old game I used to love making mods of called zergling blood though I see there's quite a repository already perhaps I can distinguish myself enough to make it interesting.

As to words of advice this weak, take it easy sometimes and don't take on more than you can handle, burning yourself out won't help anyone and you tend to work better when you're well rested so take some regular breaks or some time off as you need it, there will always be more work for you when you get back, it's not going anywhere.

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