April 19, 2013

Special Friday post

Thursday was a great day and Friday has only just begun. Sadly I think I'll be staying inside Friday because it's a nightmare already.

Thursday I attended an award ceremony, and a masquerade where we were served swedish meatballs and baklava as well as a goodie bag. My day went on to include a wet T-shirt contest and a few other good times.

Then Friday hit at the stroke of midnight like a freight train crushing my cloud 9 reality. It started innocent enough with a little turnabout where after the wet t-shirt contest was done it became "male review" which equates to male strippers so I decide I might want to move down the road, one of my friends that was with me had an emergency so I could then see the warning signs. I started wrapping things up as quickly as I could to get home before it got worse. Right when I was less than a mile from home I get a flat tire and a severe rain storm with hurricane winds. Low and behold I find myself somehow missing my jack from my trunk and knowing exactly where it is I have to run all the way home get it, go back to the car and change the tire in the storm. For those of you thinking "ah just leave it" I would like to remind you that this is Flint, if I didn't do it now I wouldn't have the chance to do it later. Here I am now drying off and informing you that Friday is not a day worth leaving the comfort of your bed for, go back to sleep and save yourself from the day because if it keeps on at the rate it's on I wager to say that by the end of the day we'll be on the verge of armageddon / ragnarok / w/e you want to call the apocalypse.

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