March 16, 2013

The Dangers of Overthinking

By now some of the dust has settled on Mass Effect 3 and it's ending where people might be open to talking about it without blind hatred. That's not to even start by saying it was bad rather misunderstood from my perspective. The ending was a representative of the facade of choice and really quite a genius idea in consideration however it also left that sense of hopelessness which we were fighting against the whole time. The interesting thing being that was we all hated so much, the lack of choice, was the whole purpose, the exact message they were trying to deliver though on a much more subtle level which was blatantly overlooked by knee jerk reactions. Although I would agree I would've appreciated some actual choices and results I must say bravo on the concept. However do to the high level and extreme subtlety I'd wager to say not many people realized what the devs were doing.

To clarify and elaborate I would say that you can not win the game, that all endings are essentially rigged to be failures. Which upon further consideration is possibly why I remained angry after realizing the truth because I would like to have the chance at actual victory. If you take the time to think it over you see how you're rapidly being indoctrinated in that no matter what you have become the reapers. You may become a reaper to control all reapers by which I mean a synthetic life form that relies on it's control of everything to guide the galaxy. You can become a reaper by evolving into the hybrid life form that the reapers claim to be. You can also become the great destroyer though instead of killing all organic life you're destroying all synthetic life. In the end you are a reaper.

Just something to consider. I would also suggest some youtube videos on indoctrination theory. I'm keeping this post short and sweet and releasing early because tomorrow night I'll be unusually busy and likely won't be able to post at my normal time. March 17th is my birthday and it's also st patricks day every year so you can imagine the kinds of parties I find myself having, and I do feel sorry for anyone that has to work on monday.

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