October 19, 2012

The Final Frontier of Gaming

There are ARG's in the world today. An alternate reality game is one designed in which real players take on adventures in reality while adhering to set rules and fiction. Though clearly it's limited to what people are actually capable of. The limitations are fairly serious right out and show heavily when you're dealing with what would otherwise be considered NPC's, the real people you end up talking to that are meant to be fictional characters. For example if you're taking on a role that requires you to interact with a leader of a resistance assuming he isn't already flooded by other players and is a decent enough actor to be somewhat believable he's still probably all by himself, you don't have the kind of support team you'd expect from a rebel leader.

What I'm getting as is we're already trying to fake ourselves into what we hope gaming will be one day. When video games finally start to shape and alter our reality. It might bleed through at first as useful devices that alter our reality for actually beneficial things. There are some such devices already being tested, such as finding the price of an item in store or identifying a building or structure, doing research on an object automatically through the net just by looking at it. Then it'll shift as we find ways to use it for entertainment. Eventually it'll come to a point in which the lines between fantasy and reality don't actually exist anymore as they'll be one and the same. This is a good thing for the most part I think assuming it doesn't end up killing us as we inevitably die in the fantasy.

Just imagine what games will look like in a century, going from virtual reality to altered reality and beyond. What kind of game could you make and play if you were completely unrestricted?
also, perfect timing for a joke


  1. I'm not sure such a line should be blurred. Then all humans will do is sit around and get fat, interact even less and make up fake partners and such, not to mention the sickos. But gaming wise it should be fun.

  2. Very interesting post...at least it got me thinking. I have been bullied playing games and I think why are they so angry? It's only a game!
    Gaming should be fun and not like a bunch of school kids playing in the school-ground, but what I worry about is that most of these really are just kids, sitting in some basement, playing with their parents computers.

  3. Kinda wish I would be alive in a century to see... oh well.